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Sunday, September 17, 2006

sick as a dog

as i sit in the hotel that we are to stay at for the next 3 months on and off in azrou, morocco, it is still daunting to think that i am in morocco.

there are so many things to learn and everything is new and exciting. all except, what is known as the Big D, aka diahhrea. it took me out hard core. feels like my insides are everywhere. but it is nice to know that 60 percent of the group has also had it. some more than others, but i woke up yesterday with a fever of 101, and tried to make it all day, as it was the first day of language lessons. i made it until 4pm (sleeping at lunch time as well). i slept until today at 7pm...aka 27 hrs straight. felt good to sleep, but not much sleep, as i had to go to the bathroom constantly at nighttime.

if you have ever had the big d in the states, it is about 10 times worse here.

otherwise, i am liking it so far. it will be very hard i think, though that is to be expected. in the background, i can hear donkeys in the road, and it gets quite chilly because of the mountain cooling. already i would say it is in the 40's, and where we are at is in the middle atlas mountains, so snow will be here before we know it.

i am trying to save my money, as best i can, because i have never been good with that, and so it is a good goal to have.

the people here are so kind, and patient. we have already learned basic script of modern standard arabic, and darija (which is the moroccan arabic that is spoken) it will be difficult, but hopefully i will be quite proficient. there are 6 language teachers, and all of them are very patient.

i have ventured into the city once, yesterday, to get a basic start to knowing where things are in the city. there are 50,000 residents in azrou, and it is located on the base of a mountain. azrou means the great rock.


Blogger Gigs said...

sorry to hear that you were sick...i hope all is well and the Big D is never fun!

2:34 PM  

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